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Bahco Flat Bits

Flat bits for fast drilling in wood • Forged from high carbon steel and heat treated all over • Precision ground for smooth and efficient drilling • Centre point for accurate drill location • Cutting edge has positive cutting angle for faster drilling than conventional bits • Lacquered for rust prevention • Hex shanks compatible with qu...[more]

Qualitec 1" Drive Rubber O-Ring

Qualitec brand rubber O-Ring • Moulded from high tensile rubber • Available in 2 sizes...[more]

Krino HSS Cobalt Hacksaw Blades

The Krino Cobalt bi-metal blade is a shatterproof blade that gives a safe and smooth cut in stainless steel • Superflex blade back will absorb twisting and bending stresses without breaking • Tooth line made from cobalt high speed steel (Tooth line is electron-beam welded to blade back) • Blade combines extreme cutting performance and wear re...[more]

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Draper Hobby Paint Brushes

Budget quality black bristle paint brush. Can be used on all types of paint. Moulded plastic beavertail handle. Nickel plated ferrule...[more]

Hobby Paint Brushes

Plastic File Handles

Polypropylene file handles with hang holes....[more]

Dremel Logo
Dremel Polishing Wheels

For polishing metals and plastics. Using polishing compound 421 produces a high lustre...[more]

Polishing Wheels | Polishing Compound

Wera Logo
Wera Extra-Tough Screwdriver Bits - Metric Hex, 1/4" Hex Drive

Wera Z bit - tough-absorbing bit for hard materials • Made from tough, ductile steel to flex and not break under heavy loads • Designed for driving screws into hard materials such as sheet steel • Tip has Wera's Hex-Plus® profile - drives on the flats of the screw recess, rather than on the corners, reducing the risk of rounding out the rece...[more]

Everbuild Logo
Everbuild Industrial Superglue GP

Medium viscosity, industrial grade superglue. Features include:- • Bonds most plastics, metals, glass, rubber, PVCu and EPDM • For use on non-porous surfaces with a good fit (Maximum gap fill 0.1 mm) • Sets in 5 to 15 seconds • Viscosity at 25°C: 100 cps...[more]

Glow 6" Lightsticks

Lightsticks use a chemical reaction between two non-toxic, non-flammable liquids to produce light. The lightstick is activated by bending it. This snaps an inner vial which allows the chemicals to mix. One use only. Supplied with lanyard Discount available on bulk quantities...[more]

Rawlplug Plastic Plugs

Colour coded plastic plugs for lightweight fixing applications. Supplied in packs of 100...[more]