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Jobber Drills

General purpose engineers drills • High performance drills that will cut a wide range of materials under a wide variety of conditions • Fully ground from solid M2 high speed steel • Conform to DIN338, ISO235 and BS328...[more]

Metric HSS-G Drills | Inch HSS-G Drills

Cobalt (5%) Jobber Drills

HSS jobber drills with 5% cobalt content for increased performance in high tensile steels and other difficult materials such as stainless steel and nimonics. Conform to DIN338, ISO235 and BS328....[more]

Metric HSS-Co5 Jobber Drills | Inch HSS-Co5 Jobber Drills

Brass Padlocks

Egret brand. Solid brass body with hardened steel shackle. Each padlock is supplied with three keys...[more]

Brass Padlocks | Long Shackle Brass Padlocks

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DeWalt Extreme 2 Jobber Drills

Fully ground HSS jobber drills with ferrous oxide coating • Ferrous oxide coating prevents overheating for longer bit life • Cuts wood, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals • Innovative tapered web greatly reduces breakage • Recessed cutting wings ensure accurate, clean, burr-free holes • Self-centring point starts drilling on contact...[more]

Metric Extreme 2 Jobber Drills | Extreme 2 Drill Set | Extreme 2 Drill Set

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Bosch Wood Drill Bits

Standard brad point drill bits for rapid drilling in wood • Made from chrome vanadium steel • Sharp brad point for accurate centering • Shoulder cutter for precise, tear-free drill holes • Suitable for soft and hard wood, laminated and unlaminated chipboard and plywood • Set is supplied in plastic cassette holder...[more]

Drill Bit Set | Metric Drill Bits

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Draper Multi-Tool Accessories

Comprehensive range of accessories for Draper multi-tools...[more]

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Everbuild Low Tack Masking Tape

The professionals' choice for application to delicate surfaces and wallpaper. Features include:- • Easy tear • Clean removal. No residue and no damage to surface • Ideal for use on wood stains, varnishes and enamels where the coating does not usually key well to the substrate...[more]

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Wera Extra-Tough Torsion Screwdriver Bits - Torx®, 1/4" Hex Drive

Wera TZ bit - tough-absorbing bit with torsion zone for hard materials • Made from tough, ductile steel to flex and not break under heavy loads • Torsion zone in shaft cushions peak torques, further reducing the risk of premature tip breakage • Premium bit for driving screws into hard materials such as sheet steel • Supplied only in box qua...[more]

Tailors Tape

Made in Germany. Yellow fibre glass tapes with easy to read black graduations...[more]