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Silverline Retractable Hi-Vis Knife

High visibility retractable knife made from thick aluminium with heavy duty 0.5mm blade. • Complete with rubber inserts for secure grip • Fitted with hanging hole...[more]

Engineers Marking Blue

Stuart's original micrometer blue. Non-abrasive paste for marking on all metal surfaces. Transfers easily from one surface to another making it ideal for marking mating parts. Can be easily wiped or washed off metal surfaces....[more]

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Everbuild One Strike Filler

One Strike Filler is formulated using a lightweight polymer that fills holes and cracks (including deep holes) in just one application. Features include:- • Repairs brick, stone, concrete, plaster and wood • Fills holes in just one application, no need for layers or secondary filling • No shrinking, sagging or cracking • Dries smooth, requ...[more]

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Everbuild Methylated Spirits

Mineralised Methylated Spirits is a multi-use industrial alcohol. Features include:- • Used as a solvent for wood varnishes, French polish and spirit based paints • Used for cleaning paint work and glass and wiping resin from wood • Used as a fuel for heating and cooking...[more]

Volkel HSS-G Drills - 1/4" Hex Shank

General purpose metal-cutting drills • Fully ground from M2 high speed steel • Cuts ferrous and non-ferrous metals • Hexagon shank enables quick change in 1/4" hex drive systems and non-slip drive in standard chucks...[more]

Wing Nut Assortment

Assortment of 6 sizes of wing nuts, supplied in a plastic organiser case. Sizes are M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12...[more]

GB Unigrease® LXEP2 Grease Cartridge

GB Unigrease® LXEP2 Grease Cartridge • Red coloured, premium quality, multi-purpose, conventional grease • Lithium-complex grease with extreme-pressure (EP) additives • Suitable for use in all types of anti-friction and plain bearings • Provides extended wear protection and mechanical stability over a wide range of operating conditions •...[more]

Junior Hacksaw Blades

Spare blades for junior hacksaw blades. Made from hardened and tempered carbon steel...[more]

Bahco Junior Hacksaw Blades | Economy Junior Hacksaw Blades