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6 products in Pumps/Inflators

Draper Logo
Draper Tyre Inflator

Pistol grip air inflator, suitable for the hobbyist and professional user alike • Clip-on connector compatible with motor vehicle tyres, dinghies, etc • Cast aluminium body with push-button pressure release valve • Clearly graduated dial gauge reads 0 - 12 bar / 0-170 psi...[more]

SIP Logo
SIP Tyre Inflator - Trade Quality

Pistol grip tyre inflator with dial • Trade quality - suitable for DIY or semi-professional use • Rubber protected pressure gauge • Flexible hard wearing hose • Robust clip-on connector • One year guarantee...[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Foot Pump

High performance single cylinder foot pump. Supplied with integral pressure gauge, 450 mm delivery tube, thumb lock connector for car and motor cycle tyres, plastic adaptor for inflatables such as air beds, needle valve for footballs and screw-on adaptor for Woods valves on bicycles....[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Double Cylinder Foot Pump

Manufactured to GS specifications. High performance double cylinder foot pump with fast air delivery. Robust, all-metal design with 4 mm thick steel frame. Supplied with integral pressure gauge and 600 mm delivery tube with thumb lock connector. Will inflate car and motor cycle tyres, bicycle tyres with Woods valves, footballs and inflatables s...[more]

SIP Logo
SIP Maxi-Flate Tyre Inflator - Trade Quality

Lever operated tyre inflator with dial • Trade quality, heavy duty - suitable for DIY or semi-professional use • Gauge protected with shock-resistant rubber casing • Flexible, tough, hard wearing hose • Robust clip-on connector • One year guarantee...[more]

PCL Tyre Inflator

Manufactured by PCL Air Technology. Industrial quality with twin open-ended hold on connector. Suitable for use on garage forecourts and tyre fitting bays. Conforms to EC Directive 86/217. Supplied with calibration certificate....[more]

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