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65 products in Steering, Hub & Suspension

CVJ Boot Steel Banding

Suitable for use with CVJ boot clamp installer....[more]

Strut Nut Socket

For the removal and installation of top shock absorber retaining nuts found on Volkswagen and Audi front wheel drive vehicles. Use with a 22 mm spanner....[more]

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Draper Tyre Inflator

Pistol grip air inflator, suitable for the hobbyist and professional user alike • Clip-on connector compatible with motor vehicle tyres, dinghies, etc • Cast aluminium body with push-button pressure release valve • Clearly graduated dial gauge reads 0 - 12 bar / 0-170 psi...[more]

Strut Nut Bit Sockets

Set of two bit sockets for the quick and easy removal and replacement of strut units clamped in the hub, without damage to the hub...[more]

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Sealey 1/2" Drive Alloy Wheel Impact Sockets

Thin walled, 6pt, deep impact sockets for alloy wheel nuts • Forged from chrome molybdenum alloy steel • Hardened and tempered for extra strength • Anodised finish for corrosion protection • Six-point Walldrive® profile ensures a superior grip at higher torques • Sleeved and with an insert to prevent damage to alloy wheels and wheel nuts...[more]

Lower Ball Joint Socket

Heat treated alloy steel socket. The 50 mm diameter ring has drive pegs that locate into slots in the ball joint flange. Suitable for Peugeot and Citroen lower ball joints...[more]

Drive Shaft Circlip Tool

For the removal and installation of the circlip found on the drive shaft on four wheel drive Vauxhall and Opel vehicles....[more]

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Sealey 1/2" Drive Impact Sockets

Specialist sockets for particular automotive applications • Forged from chrome vanadium alloy steel • Hardened and tempered for extra strength • Chemically blackened finish for corrosion protection • Suitable for use with either a hand ratchet or an air impact wrench...[more]

Four-Way Wheel Nut Wrenches

Traditional wheel nut wrenches. Forged construction with enamelled finish. Standard models for cars and vans and heavy duty model for trucks are available...[more]

Standard Duty Wheel Nut Wrenches | Heavy Duty Wheel Nut Wrench

Laser 4025 M18 Spline Bit Socket

Specialist socket for rear hub nuts on Volkswagen Golf and Seat Leon • Made from chrome molybdenum alloy steel for extra strength • Tamperproof format with recessed bit...[more]