Egamaster Anti-Drop Torx® Screwdrivers
Egamaster Torx® screwdrivers with safety retention ring
Ergonomic, oversized handle with 'sticky', cushion-grip panels
Blade made from exclusive (Mastertork®) chrome-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel
Mastertork® screwdrivers enable 30% higher torque tightening than screwdrivers with traditional alloy blades
Chrome plated blade with black oxidised magnetic tip
Size and type of tip clearly marked on handle for easy identification
Fitted with safety retention ring for attachment to lanyard when working at height
Conforms to DIN 5262

Stock NoModel NoTip SizeBlade LengthPrice
370245AD664747T650 mm12.45
370246AD664757T750 mm12.45
370247AD664767T850 mm12.45
370248AD664777T975 mm12.45
370249AD664787T1075 mm12.45
370250AD664797T1575 mm12.90
370251AD664807T20100 mm13.96
370252AD664817T25100 mm14.36
370253AD664827T27115 mm14.49
370254AD664837T30125 mm15.70
370255AD664847T40125 mm17.81
370256AD664857T45150 mm20.24
370257AD664867T50175 mm21.33