Wera Extra-Tough Screwdriver Bits - Torx®, 1/4" Hex Drive
Wera Z bit - tough-absorbing bit for hard materials
Made from tough, ductile steel to flex and not break under heavy loads
Designed for driving screws into hard materials such as sheet steel
Supplied only in box quantities of 10. Priced each

Stock NoModel NoSizeLengthPrice
064437066492TX525 mm1.16
064438066493TX625 mm1.16
064439066494TX725 mm1.16
064440066495TX825 mm1.16
064441066496TX925 mm1.16
064442066485TX1025 mm1.16
064443066486TX1525 mm1.16
064444066487TX2025 mm1.16
064445066488TX2525 mm1.16
064446066489TX2725 mm1.16
064447066490TX3025 mm1.16
064448066491TX4025 mm1.16
064449066325TX4535 mm2.52
064450066330TX5035 mm2.52
064451135200TX150 mm7.85
064452135201TX250 mm5.01
064453135202TX350 mm3.74
064454135204TX450 mm2.68
064455135205TX550 mm2.68
064456308428TX650 mm2.68
064457160830TX750 mm2.68
064458060131TX850 mm2.68
064459060132TX1050 mm2.68
064460060133TX1550 mm2.68
064461060134TX2050 mm2.68
064462060135TX2550 mm2.68
064463060136TX2750 mm2.68
064464060137TX3050 mm2.68
064465060138TX4050 mm2.68
064466134740TX670 mm4.21
064467345047TX770 mm4.21
064468060185TX889 mm5.43
064469060186TX1089 mm5.43
064470060187TX1589 mm5.43
064471060188TX2089 mm5.43
064472060189TX2589 mm5.43
064473060190TX2789 mm5.43
064474060191TX3089 mm5.43
064476328448TX6152 mm6.93
064477060195TX8152 mm6.93
064478060196TX10152 mm6.93
064479060197TX15152 mm6.93
064480060198TX20152 mm6.93
064481060199TX25152 mm6.93
064482060200TX27152 mm6.93
064483060201TX30152 mm6.93
064484060202TX40152 mm6.93
For the full range of Wera extra-tough Torx® screwdriver bits, see www.wera-tools.co.uk