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Terry Ecobox 110 Storage Bin

Stackable storage bin • Manufactured from tough polypropylene • Resistant to acid, oil and solvents • Ergonomic shape - no sharp edges • Label holder at front • Compatible with WP1 wall panel...[more]

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Wera Extra-Tough Torsion Screwdriver Bits - Slotted, 1/4" Hex Drive

Wera TZ bit - tough-absorbing bit with torsion zone for hard materials • Made from tough, ductile steel to flex and not break under heavy loads • Torsion zone in shaft cushions peak torques, further reducing the risk of premature tip breakage • Premium bit for driving screws into hard materials such as sheet steel • Supplied only in box qua...[more]

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Everbuild Industrial Superglue GP

Medium viscosity, industrial grade superglue. Features include:- • Bonds most plastics, metals, glass, rubber, PVCu and EPDM • For use on non-porous surfaces with a good fit (Maximum gap fill 0.1 mm) • Sets in 5 to 15 seconds • Viscosity at 25°C: 100 cps...[more]

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Safety Source Spectacle Cords

Spectacle neck hang cords • Fit over spectacle leg ends • Adjustable loops...[more]

Qualitec 1" Drive Locking Pin

Qualitec brand locking pin. • Moulded from high tensile rubber • Available in 2 sizes...[more]

Crompton Rough Service Bulbs

Special purpose, high quality lamp for industrial lighting in a rough environment • Resists impact and vibration • Internally fused for your safety • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use • Bayonet Cap and Edison Screw models available...[more]

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Bosch Sanding Sheets

Bosch, aluminium oxide, sanding sheets. For hand or orbital sanding....[more]

Red Sanding Sheets

Brass Padlocks

Egret brand. Solid brass body with hardened steel shackle. Each padlock is supplied with three keys...[more]

Brass Padlocks | Long Shackle Brass Padlocks

Tailors Tape

Made in Germany. Yellow fibre glass tapes with easy to read black graduations...[more]

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Everbuild 125 One Hour Caulk

One Hour Caulk is a fast drying, flexible, decorators filler and sealant. Features include:- • For sealing and filling cracks and gaps before decorating • Can be overpainted as soon as skin has formed, normally after one hour • No sanding down required • Can be overpainted with most paint types or covered with wallpaper • Solvent free, w...[more]