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Stainless Steel Jubilee Hose Clips

Genuine jubilee hose clips. Features include:- • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel • Conforms to BS5315...[more]

Stainless Steel Rules

Stainless steel rules. Guaranteed rustless. Markings acid etched for durability...[more]

Qualitec Straight Rules | Folding Rules | Fisher Straight Rules

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Bosch Sanding Sheets

Bosch, aluminium oxide, sanding sheets. For hand or orbital sanding....[more]

Red Sanding Sheets

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Cengar Hand Hacksaw Blades

The Cengar bi-metal blade is a premium shatterproof blade that cuts virtually all metals • Blade back made from strong flexible spring steel • Tooth line made from high alloy high speed steel (Tooth line is electron-beam welded to blade back) • Blade combines superb cutting performance and wear resistance with the safety of a tough shock-abso...[more]

Paint Roller Handle

Medium sized paint roller handle. Frame made from 8 mm chrome plated steel, handle from moulded plastic....[more]

Non-Woven Quick Change Discs

Garryson non-woven discs, designed for high speed operation....[more]

Surface Preparation Discs | Buffing Discs | Rubber Holder Pads

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Eklind Ball End Hexagon Keys

Made in USA by Eklind Tool Company. Manufactured from finest quality 8650 alloy steel, hardened and tempered, then black oxide finished to resist rust. Ball end on long blade for working angles up to 35°, standard hex on short blade for high torque applications...[more]

Ball End Metric Hexagon Keys | Ball End AF Hexagon Keys

Faithfull Cutting Discs for Stone

Faithfull stone cutting discs used to make angle grinders more versatile in use. • Present to work piece at an angle of 90° • Must NEVER be used for grinding...[more]

Stone Cutting Discs - Depressed Centre | Stone Cutting Discs

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Wera Extra-Hard Torsion Screwdriver Bits - Phillips®, 1/4" Hex Drive

Durable bit for less demanding applications, e.g. screwdriving into wood • Extra-hard tip resists wear and abrasion • Softer, torsion zone in shaft cushions peak torques, reducing the risk of premature tip breakage • Great value bit with a long service life in woodworking and similar applications • Supplied only in box quantities of 10. Pri...[more]