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Qualitec 3/4" Drive Locking Pin

Qualitec brand locking pin. • Moulded from high tensile rubber • Available in 2 sizes...[more]

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Guardsman Boot Laces

Strong flat boot laces • Suitable for most working boots • Sold in pairs...[more]

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Everbuild All Purpose Superglue

Stick 2 All Purpose Superglue is a premium grade, high strength, cyanoacrylate adhesive. Features include:- • Bonds most plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, porcelain, rubber, leather, card, PVCu, wood and jewellery • Provides a fast, high strength bond to just about every surface • Tube supplied with a resealable cap...[more]

Radiator Brushes

Dog-leg brushes with long handles. For painting in difficult to reach places, including behind radiator and pipes and inside cupboards...[more]

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Wera Extra-Tough Screwdriver Bits - Pozidriv®, 1/4" Hex Drive

Wera Z bit - tough-absorbing bit for hard materials • Made from tough, ductile steel to flex and not break under heavy loads • Designed for driving screws into hard materials such as sheet steel • Supplied only in box quantities of 10. Priced each...[more]

Electrical Insulation Tape

PVC electrical insulation tape for providing insulation to most electric wires. Features include:- • Flame retardant • Easy to unwind • Conforms to BS 3924...[more]

HSS Stub Drills

Fully ground HSS drills. Short drills with maximum rigidity, ideal for drilling sheet metal...[more]

Metric HSS Stub Drills | Inch HSS Stub Drills

Budget Brass Padlocks

Extruded brass body with plated steel shackle. Each padlock is supplied with three keys...[more]

Qualitec 1/2" Drive Rubber O-Ring

Qualitec brand rubber O-Ring. • Moulded from high tensile rubber • Available in 2 sizes...[more]

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Cengar Hand Hacksaw Blades

The Cengar bi-metal blade is a premium shatterproof blade that cuts virtually all metals • Blade back made from strong flexible spring steel • Tooth line made from high alloy high speed steel (Tooth line is electron-beam welded to blade back) • Blade combines superb cutting performance and wear resistance with the safety of a tough shock-abso...[more]