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Stanley Metal Chalk Line

Tradesmans tool for marking clean straight lines • Die cast aluminium case for strength and durability • Foldaway winding handle • Stainless steel end hook • Can be used vertically as a plumb bob...[more]

Faithfull Tool Roll

Made from heavy duty, double textured, water resistant fabric...[more]

Bollé Blast Safety Goggles

Comfortable safety goggles with an exceptionally wide field of vision • Protects against impact, dust, aerosol droplets, molten metal and hot solids • Optical class 1, polycarbonate lens • Anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-static • Flexible PVC frame with indirect ventilation • Wide adjustable headband with ball-pivot that allows easy remov...[more]

Ambersil Formula Eleven Non-Silicone Release Agent

Minimal transfer non-silicone release agent, developed specifically for moulding operations where film transfer, of any kind, is undesirable • Provides an ultra thin, uniform release film for quick and effective release of many different types of plastics • Especially effective on ‘electronic’ grade polymers such as polycarbonate and ABS, a...[more]

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Stanley Pro 180° Levels

Versatile level with three vials; two fixed and one rotary • I-beam aluminium body for strength and lightness • Easy to clean epoxy finish • Shock-absorbing, plastic end caps • Three tubular vials; horizontal, plumb and rotary • Rotary vial graduated in degrees for angle setting and finding • Hand grip and hanging hole • Accuracy: 1.5...[more]

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Sealey 1/2" Drive Alloy Wheel Impact Sockets

Thin walled, 6pt, deep impact sockets for alloy wheel nuts • Forged from chrome molybdenum alloy steel • Hardened and tempered for extra strength • Anodised finish for corrosion protection • Six-point Walldrive® profile ensures a superior grip at higher torques • Sleeved and with an insert to prevent damage to alloy wheels and wheel nuts...[more]

Scythe Stone

Traditional stone for sharpening scythes and other agricultural edge tools. Fast and clean cut. Round, tapered section. Silicon carbide grit....[more]

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Precision Drill Bits

Metal cutting TCT drill bits • Designed for cutting hard and very abrasive materials like hardened steel, cast iron and reinforced plastics • Diamond ground, 4-face carbide tip for easy centring and low drilling pressure....[more]

Metric TCT Precision Drill Bits