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Ambersil Amberklene FG Cleaner/Degreaser

Heavy duty, solvent based, industrial, cleaner/degreaser. Specially formulated for use on food processing and packaging equipment. Authorised for use in inedible product processing, non-processing and exterior areas • Removes wax-based anti-corrosion (transportation) coatings and metal cutting lubricant • Use to remove grease and heavy oils f...[more]

Taper Punches

Made in France by Racodon Tools, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of punches and scribers. Their factory at St Etienne employs the latest manufacturing methods to produce a range of top quality tools at competitive prices. Made from chrome vanadium steel with a black finish...[more]

Long Taper Punches | Long Taper Punch Set | Long Taper Punch Set

Thor Copper Hammers

Malleable iron head fitted with two pure copper striking faces. Securely fitted solid wooden handle. Designed for safe yet high impact hammering...[more]

Copper Faced Hammers | Replacement Copper Faces

Ambersil Assembly Paste FG

Ambersil food grade product. A white, non-toxic, grease-like compound with a high solids lubricant content for use as an assembly lubricant and anti-seize compound • Use as an assembly lubricant for lubricating bushes, sliding surfaces and small open plastic or metal gears • Provides protection against scuffing during assembly • Prevents dam...[more]

Abus Long Shackle Brass Padlocks

Abus 65 Series long shackle brass padlocks. Features include:- • Solid brass body • Inner components made from non-corrosive materials • Shackle made from hardened steel • Shackle locked on both sides • Precision pin tumbler cylinder • Paracentric keyway resists picking • Two nickel plated keys with each padlock • Conforms to EN1232...[more]

Long Shackle Brass Padlocks | Keyed Alike Long Shackle Brass Padlocks

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Draper Brake Hose Clamp

Single-handed snap action tool for clamping off hydraulic hoses when working on braking systems. Manufactured from high tensile steel, fully heat treated with plastic coated handles....[more]

Fisher Combination Square

Utility combination square • Die cast stock with machined faces • Stock incorporates brass adjusting screw, spirit level and scriber • Polished carbon steel rule with acid etched graduations • Graduated on both sides in millimetres and inches • UK made to ensure quality...[more]

Cabinet Rasps

Tome Feteira standard quality half-round wood rasps manufactured from carbon steel, hardened and tempered. Supplied without handles....[more]

Volkel UNF Machine Taps - Spiral Flute 35°

HSS-G Unified Fine thread machine taps • For non-abrasive materials, including low alloyed steel, up to 900 N/m² • Made from M2 high speed steel. Ground threads • Supplied bright finish as standard. Blue finish also available • Spiral flute - for blind holes • Specifications: ISO 529, thread ANSI B 1.1, tolerance 2B...[more]