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Lyndon HSS Countersinks

HSS, 3-flute, 90° countersinks for cutting metal • Made from M2 high speed steel • Cuts ferrous and non-ferrous metals • Manufactured to DIN 335C...[more]

Hand Axe

Joiners hand axe with tubular steel shaft and comfortable rubber grip...[more]

Gasket Scraper

Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade, comfortable grip....[more]

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Sealey Spark Plug Thread Chasers

Double ended spark plug thread chasers • Suitable for cleaning corrosion and carbon build-up from spark plug threads • Can also repair minor thread damage • Use with 21 mm spark plug socket...[more]

Hultafors Fisco Carpenters Rule

Handyman's four-fold rule • Made from hard-wearing ABS • Brass hinged pins and end-pieces for longer life • Tensioned knuckle and centre joints • Precisely inscribed and permanent graduations • Graduated and figured in millimetres on one side and inches and 1/16 inch on the other side...[more]

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Dickies Knee Pads

Lightweight, comfortable knee pads that can be easily inserted into the pouches in Dickies coveralls and trousers • Material: bi-density vinyl acetate co-polymer • Flexible and cushioned • Colour: black • Conforms to EN14404...[more]

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Loctite 7850 Hand Cleaner

Loctite 7850 Fast Orange is a natural, biodegradable hand cleaner containing no petroleum solvents. Features include:- • Cleans hands with d-Limonene, a solvent extracted from oranges • Contains no artificial fragrances and ahs a fresh citrus scent • Contains aloe vera, lanolin and jojoba oil to moisturise the skin and keep hands free from i...[more]

Ambersil Amberklene FG Cleaner/Degreaser

Heavy duty, solvent based, industrial, cleaner/degreaser. Specially formulated for use on food processing and packaging equipment. Authorised for use in inedible product processing, non-processing and exterior areas • Removes wax-based anti-corrosion (transportation) coatings and metal cutting lubricant • Use to remove grease and heavy oils f...[more]

Spring Assortment

Assortment of 8 sizes of compression springs and 12 sizes of extension springs, supplied in a plastic organiser case...[more]