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1473 products in Power/Air Tools

Air Scaler Needles

Chisel point replacement needles for air needle scalers...[more]

Carbon Steel Needles | Copper Berrylium Needles

Dremel Logo
Dremel Polishing Wheels

For polishing metals and plastics. Using polishing compound 421 produces a high lustre...[more]

Polishing Wheels | Polishing Compound

Dremel Logo
Dremel Mandrels

For holding polishing wheels, cut-off wheels and sanding discs • Shank size 3.2 mm...[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Multi-Tool Accessories

Comprehensive range of accessories for Draper multi-tools...[more]

Cengar Logo
Cengar Saw Blades

Manufactured by Cengar Universal Tool Company, Halifax, Yorkshire. Shatterproof blades for Cengar pneumatic saws....[more]

Bi - Metal Blades for CL75 Saw | HSS Blades for J Saw

Welders Chipping Hammer

Spring handled hammer for removing weld slag. Head has a vertical chisel at one end and a pointed tip at the other end...[more]

Marvel Air Tool Oil

Universal Air Tools has recommended Marvel air tool oil for over 30 years • Lubricates your tool to ensure maximum performance and extend tool life • Includes a solvent to break down the deposits that reduce power output • Contains a rust inhibitor to protect your tool from water in the air line • Silicone free to protect o-rings, seals and...[more]

SIP Logo
SIP Slimline Male Bayonet

Professional, quick-release, slimline bayonet - for trailing hose applications • Made from zinc plated steel • Fully interchangeable with other leading brands • Flow rate: over 1000 litres/min...[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Vacuum Cleaner Accessory

One of the wide range of accessories for the Draper WDV21, WDV30SS and WDV50SS wet & dry vacuum cleaners....[more]

Crevice Nozzle