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50 products in Body & Trim

Sealey Logo
Sealey Razor Scraper

Retractable razor scraper for removing labels, decals and paint from glass or metal surfaces • Chrome plated steel construction • Retracting blade carrier for safety • Supplied with five spare blades...[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Door Panel Removal Tool

For the removal of door panels without breaking the securing clips from the panel....[more]

Sealey Logo
Sealey Extended Razor Scraper

Long handled razor scraper for scraping gaskets and also for removing labels, stickers and overspray from car windows • Safe storage of blades in handle • Supplied with three razor and three plastic blades • Replacement blades available. Supplied in packs of five...[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Suction Lifter/Dent Puller

Made from tough plastic with thick rubber suction pad. Suitable for lifting glass and for pulling out minor dents in body panels....[more]

Sealey Logo
Sealey Suction Dent Puller

Bodywork repair tool • Strong suction for panel dent pulling • Can also be used as a lifting aid for glass and other smooth flat materials • Release suction by lifting the edge...[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Cutting Wire

Stainless steel wire for cutting the bonding resin used to fit modern windscreens. Available as standard wire or braided wire....[more]

Sealey Logo
Sealey Spot Weld Splitting Tool

Flat thin cold chisel • Made from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability • Suitable for cutting metals, including the splitting of spot welds...[more]

Draper Logo
Draper Bonded Windscreen Removal Tools

Two handed tool for cutting through the bonding resin used to fit modern windscreens. Supplied with 25 mm, specially shaped, hardened, carbon steel blade....[more]

Screen Removal Tool | Replacement Blades

Draper Logo
Draper Twin Suction Lifter

Made from tough plastic with rubber suction pads. Push lock levers for easy operation. Suitable for lifting glass and other non-porous sheet materials....[more]

Gison Logo
Gison Windscreen Handling Kit

Double cup suction lifter suitable for use with a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, metal, marble, etc • Push lock levers for easy operation • Made from ABS and high density aluminium alloy...[more]