Garryson spirabands are small cloth belts with resin bonded aluminium oxide grit. Fitted to a holder, they are suitable for working rough edges and smoothing out roughness on most metals.

Aluminium Oxide Spirabands
Stock NoSizeGritPrice
22651515 x 30 mm800.58
22652525 x 25 mm800.58
22653030 x 30 mm800.68
22653838 x 25 mm800.89
22655151 x 25 mm800.90
Size means diameter x width. Other sizes and grits are available on request. Zirconium spirabands are also available.
Spiraband Holders
With 6 mm spindle.
Stock NoDiameterHeightPrice
22631515 mm30 mm11.23
22632525 mm25 mm12.33
22633030 mm30 mm11.23
22633838 mm25 mm13.05
22635151 mm25 mm15.32
22636060 mm30 mm16.83