Egamaster Anti-Drop Slotted Screwdrivers
Egamaster slotted screwdrivers with safety retention ring
Ergonomic, oversized handle with 'sticky', cushion-grip panels
Blade made from exclusive (Mastertork®) chrome-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel
Mastertork® screwdrivers enable 30% higher torque tightening than screwdrivers with traditional alloy blades
Chrome plated blade with black oxidised magnetic tip
Size and type of tip clearly marked on handle for easy identification
Fitted with safety retention ring for attachment to lanyard when working at height
Conforms to DIN 5265

Parallel Tip Screwdrivers
Stock NoModel NoTip SizeBlade LengthPrice
370190AD6642072.5 mm75 mm9.17
370191AD6642173 mm60 mm9.17
370192AD6642273 mm100 mm9.42
370193AD6642374 mm125 mm10.27
370194AD6642474 mm150 mm10.34
370195AD6641174 mm300 mm12.52
370196AD6652575.5 mm25 mm (Stubby)11.38
370197AD6642575.5 mm150 mm11.48
370198AD6641275.5 mm300 mm13.20
370199AD6642676.5 mm150 mm13.61
370200AD6642778 mm175 mm17.71
Flared Tip Screwdrivers
Stock NoModel NoTip SizeBlade LengthPrice
370201AD6640174 mm100 mm10.05
370202AD6640275.5 mm100 mm11.38
370203AD6640476.5 mm125 mm12.92
370204AD6640678 mm150 mm14.73
370205AD66408710 mm200 mm18.05
370206AD66409712 mm250 mm21.73
370207AD66410714 mm250 mm25.94
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