Egamaster Anti-Drop Open End Spanners
High quality open end spanners with safety retention ring
Manufactured from high grade, chrome vanadium alloy steel
Special heat treatment for strength and durability
Spanner heads shaped to minimise stress build-up in the load zones during high torque applications
Mirror polished chrome plating
Aerospatial chrome plating also available on the metric spanners, see
Exceeds all quality standards for resistance to torque; won't break or distort at DIN test values
Fitted with safety retention ring for attachment to lanyard when working at height
Approvals/Certifications: DIN 3110, ISO 1085, ASME B107.100, GGG-W-336, NATO Otan 8552B

Metric Open End Spanners
Stock NoModel NoSizeLengthPrice
370088AD6160176 x 7 mm125 mm9.99
370089AD6160278 x 9 mm140 mm10.22
370090AD61603710 x 11 mm155 mm10.28
370091AD61604712 x 13 mm175 mm10.68
370092AD61605714 x 15 mm210 mm11.42
370093AD61606716 x 17 mm210 mm12.31
370094AD61607718 x 19 mm220 mm13.44
370095AD61608720 x 22 mm230 mm14.96
370096AD61609721 x 23 mm240 mm16.08
370097AD61610724 x 26 mm260 mm17.43
370098AD61611725 x 28 mm270 mm19.05
370099AD61612727 x 29 mm290 mm24.70
370100AD61613730 x 32 mm320 mm25.46
AF Open End Spanners
Stock NoModel NoSizeLengthPrice
370101AD6030071/4 x 5/16"120 mm9.99
370102AD6030273/8 x 7/16"160 mm10.28
370103AD6030371/2 x 9/16"175 mm10.68
370104AD6030675/8 x 11/16"200 mm12.31
370105AD6030873/4 x 25/32"220 mm13.44
370106AD60310713/16 x 7/8"230 mm16.08
370107AD60311715/16 x 1"260 mm17.44
370108AD6031371.1/16 x 1.1/8"280 mm24.70
370109AD6031471.1/16 x 1.1/4"320 mm25.46
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