Gedore Pin Punches
Gedore Pin Punches
Premium quality, long pattern, pin punches, manufactured in Germany
Made from chrome-molydenum-vanadium, air hardened, alloy steel (45CrMoV7)
Carefully hardened and tempered along the full length
Striking head additionally inductively tempered to prevent fracturing
Working edge polished and clear varnished
Manufactured to DIN 6450

Stock NoModel NoTip SizeLengthPrice
241415119-1.51.5 mm150 mm6.59
241402119-22 mm150 mm6.59
241425119-2.52.5 mm150 mm6.59
241403119-33 mm150 mm6.59
241435119-3.53.5 mm150 mm6.59
241404119-44 mm150 mm6.59
241445119-4.54.5 mm150 mm6.59
241405119-55 mm150 mm6.59
241406119-66 mm150 mm6.59
241407119-77 mm150 mm7.89
241408119-88 mm150 mm7.89
241409119-99 mm150 mm7.89
241410119-1010 mm150 mm7.89
241412119-1212 mm150 mm8.57
241414119-1414 mm180 mm9.72