Wera Extra-Tough Screwdriver Bits - Torx®, 5/16" Hex Drive
Wera Z bit - tough-absorbing bit for hard materials
Made from tough, ductile steel to flex and not break under heavy loads
Designed for driving screws into hard materials such as sheet steel
Supplied only in box quantities of 10. Priced each

Stock NoModel NoSizeLengthPrice
064501066901TX2035 mm3.04
064502066900TX2535 mm3.04
064503066902TX2735 mm3.04
064504066905TX3035 mm3.04
064505066910TX4035 mm3.41
064506066915TX4535 mm3.41
064507066920TX5035 mm3.63
064508066925TX5535 mm3.91
064509136220TX6035 mm5.58
064510066930TX2050 mm6.67
064511066931TX2550 mm6.67
064512066932TX2750 mm6.67
064513066933TX3050 mm6.67
064514066934TX4050 mm6.67
064515066940TX4550 mm6.66
064516066941TX5050 mm6.66
For the full range of Wera extra-tough Torx® screwdriver bits, see www.wera-tools.co.uk