Qualitec 1/2" Drive AF Deep Sockets
Pro quality, 6-point, deep sockets
Made from drop forged, chrome vanadium, alloy steel
Entirely hardened and tempered
Chrome plated to EN 12540 for rust prevention
LIFE® profile ensures a superior grip at higher torques - torque standard: DIN 899 range E
Lifetime guarantee

Supplied by AOK
Stock NoModel NoSizeLengthPrice
127412DS4-12I3/8"77 mm7.28
127414DS4-14I7/16"77 mm7.35
127416DS4-16I1/2"77 mm7.42
127418DS4-18I9/16"77 mm7.42
127420DS4-20I5/8"77 mm7.42
127422DS4-22I11/16"77 mm7.64
127424DS4-24I3/4"77 mm7.64
127426DS4-26I13/16"77 mm7.86
127428DS4-28I7/8"77 mm7.86
127430DS4-30I15/16"77 mm8.09
127432DS4-32I1"77 mm8.09
127434DS4-34I1.1/16"77 mm8.23
127436DS4-36I1.1/8"77 mm10.58
127438DS4-38I1.3/16"77 mm11.83
127440DS4-40I1.1/4"77 mm12.13