Qualitec 1/2" Drive Metric Sockets
Pro quality, 12-point, standard length sockets
Made from drop forged, chrome vanadium, alloy steel
Entirely hardened and tempered
Chrome plated to EN 12540 for rust prevention. Polished finish
LIFE® profile ensures a superior grip at higher torques - torque standard: DIN 899 range E
Manufactured to ISO 2725-1
Lifetime guarantee

Supplied by AOK
Stock NoModel NoSizeLengthPrice
127008SDH4-088 mm38 mm3.38
127009SDH4-099 mm38 mm3.38
127010SDH4-1010 mm38 mm3.53
127011SDH4-1111 mm38 mm3.68
127012SDH4-1212 mm38 mm3.68
127013SDH4-1313 mm38 mm3.68
127014SDH4-1414 mm38 mm3.68
127015SDH4-1515 mm38 mm4.12
127016SDH4-1616 mm38 mm4.19
127017SDH4-1717 mm38 mm4.19
127018SDH4-1818 mm38 mm4.19
127019SDH4-1919 mm38 mm4.19
127020SDH4-2020 mm38 mm4.63
127021SDH4-2121 mm38 mm4.63
127022SDH4-2222 mm38 mm4.78
127023SDH4-2323 mm40 mm4.78
127024SDH4-2424 mm42 mm5.66
127025SDH4-2525 mm42 mm5.95
127026SDH4-2626 mm42 mm6.10
127027SDH4-2727 mm43 mm6.39
127028SDH4-2828 mm43 mm6.62
127029SDH4-2929 mm43 mm7.28
127030SDH4-3030 mm46 mm7.35
127032SDH4-3232 mm46 mm8.01