Hickory Hammer Handles
Hickory is a high quality wood, ideal for hammer handles. The long fibres cushion the impact, reducing the vibration that reaches the users hand. The tight annual rings give the wood its flexural strength. (Physical load stability of hickory is around 3-4 times that of ash). Handles conform to BS3823

Claw Hammer Handle
Stock NoLengthPrice
04501414" 355mm3.99
Ball Pein Hammer Handles
Stock NoLengthPrice
04511212" 305mm2.74
04511414" 355mm2.93
04511616" 405mm3.27
04511818" 460mm3.27
Club Hammer Handle
Stock NoLengthPrice
04521010" 255mm3.64
Sledge Hammer Handles
Stock NoLengthPrice
04542424" 610mm5.34